Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mikasa - Veil Of Maya [New Single and Upcoming Album Info]

About a week ago, Veil of Maya put out a little parody video of Breaking Bad. It had to do with their new vocalist (Lukas Magyar) defending his right to sing with clean vocals. As a longtime fan of Veil I never thought I'd see the day where they include clean vocals. But damn, I'm actually pretty glad that I was wrong on this one. This new track embodies everything that Veil represents. Crazy guitar riffs by the always innovative Marc Okubo, with bass lines and beats to match provided by the Higler and Sam Applebaum. Then we get a taste of Lukas and his cleans. Let me say this: this dude can sing. He has not only a great range with his cleans, but his screams are tremendous across the board. Even from the live footage that I've seen so far of him performing with the band on some older songs, he kills it. Adding in cleans adds a whole new element to this band without leaving behind what they've been all these years. 

With the release of this new song, the band also announced that their upcoming album is titled Matriarch and will be available May 12th 2015. Pre-order bundles are up and I highly suggest looking into this album. Veil have yet to release a disappointing album and with this new direction that they are moving in, I'm sure that Matriarch will provide some of their best material to date. 

Check out the music video for Mikasa below!