Monday, March 31, 2014

Lost Forever // Lost Together - Architects

          Architects have always been at the forefront of the metalcore scene. While not being one of the most known bands, they are definitely one of the best. With this new masterpiece from Architects, they've done it... They have reset the bar for all the bands in this scene and show us what can truly be accomplished in this style of music. Melodic lines are flushed in with sections full of aggressive riffs that truly perfect the modern metalcore sound. Sam's vocals are at their best here with his melodic screams and plenty of BLEHS to bring it all together. It is just a complete and coherent album that puts many of the other bands in this scene to shame with some of their recent work...

          Gravedigger is the first track and damn do these guys know how to start an album. This track kicks in with wickedly fast drums and then drops into some brutal guitar shredding and rhythmic "chug" patterns. Sam's screams sound as great as ever and he truly shines through in the chorus when the melodic line can even be heard through his screaming. This track stays heavy throughout before bringing us to a reprise of the intro and leading listeners into the heavy section of the song to finish it off and leave us wanting plenty more of this sound. Definitely one of the best tracks off of the album. 

          C.A.N.C.E.R is easily the heaviest track on this record. Architects skip the bullshit and take us straight in with some heavy tones that are heard throughout the song. The chorus showcases Sam's unique melodic screams once again while not diverting from their more raw and organic sound. Architects is one of the metalcore outfits that have managed to stay away from "pop" choruses and heavily produced effects which gives them a very natural sound and gives them a great appeal to people who enjoy hardcore and more metal-based music. 

          The Distant Blue is the last track that I'm going to talk about from this album. This one changes it up a bit from the rest of the album, which is understandable because it is clearly meant to be the closer. It features a half time feel with Sam howling at his upper range. It feels like a much more laid back track than the rest of the album which is nice for a closer rather than the typical fade out with a relaxing melodic line. They keep chugging and pounding the drum kit right up until about the halfway point where it becomes very "vibey" and ambient. It's a solid track that is quite popular due to the highs that Sam is able to produce here. 

          I'll be honest... I am very biased towards Architects because they are one of the first bands that brought me to the metalcore scene. However, it is clear that they have changed the game here and reset the bar for all other bands in the scene. Many bands have followed their footsteps but deter from the path somewhere in order to be more accessible, but Architects stay true to their sound and deliver one of the best metalcore albums in many years. Definitely pick this one up if you are into Architects or any bands associated with the metalcore scene. 

Lost Forever // Lost Together = 5/5

Here's one of my favorite tracks off of the album!! (Broken Cross)

End of March Update!!

Hey guys!!

I know it's been a while since I've posted a review but don't worry, this blog is still a project of mine that is going to continue. I was swarmed with work for the end of the quarter but I did manage to pick up some new albums to review for you! I wanna make sure to give them a good few listens all the way through but you can expect to hear about the new Memphis May Fire, Animals as Leaders, Skrillex, and Nathan East albums.

Thanks for sticking with me and I promise that updates and new reviews will start to come out more frequently!!


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