Monday, June 8, 2015

Upcoming Northlane Album and New Single!

Well yesterday the world was given a new Northlane song. I'd say that is a pretty damn good day. Even with the addition of new vocalist Marcus Bridge, Northlane is on their A game and I can say I'm definitely looking forward to their new album, Node, due out July 24th. The new single, Obelisk, is really demonstrating somewhat of a new direction in which there is plenty of atmosphere. The guitars swell in the background while drums slice right through and it's a really welcome sound is this almost overpopulated world of modern metal. If Rot and Obelisk are signs of what is to come, Node looks to be an excellent release from a more than excellent band.

Check out the official video for Obelisk and the tracklist for Node below. 

Tracklist for Node:

1. Soma
2. Obelisk
3. Node
4. Ohm
5. Nameless
6. Rot
7. Leech
8. Impulse
9. Weightless
10. Ra
11. Animate

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