Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New Bring Me The Horizon and Stick To Your Guns!

Hey guys!

If you haven't heard already, two new music videos were released today! The first was Drown by Bring Me The Horizon (the first follow up since Sempiternal), and it is definitely demonstrating the growth of this band over the years. This is easily one of their most tame songs, and while it has a much lighter feel, you can still tell it's BMTH. The single will be released December 7th!

The second video I wanna talk to you guys about today is Nobody from Stick To Your Guns. This video is clearly raising awareness of their upcoming album Disobedient, which will be released in February 2015. STYG have always stayed true to their punk/hardcore sound and style and that stays true hear. Definitely a solid track worth a listen.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Exotype [Self-Titled]

          Exotype aren't some new kids on the block in the metalcore scene. These guys have been pumping out deathcore since the early 2000's, but they switched over to the name Exotype and started to focus on metalcore blended with hardcore and dubstep in 2010. The simplest way that I can sum these guys up, is that they are essentially a heavier I See Stars. They are very well versed in dropped tunings and gettin' funky with chugging, but they also know how to nail down a poppy chorus and it seems that they have found quite a pleasing blend between electronic and metal. While many elements do sound very familiar and similar to other bands in this scene, Exotype fins a way to add in their own blend at times to stand separated from the pack.

           Let's start with the first track on the album: Stand Up. All in all this song is a solid opener and foreshadows everything on the album. We get to hear a nice heavy opening with very solid cleans from Steven McCorry. This song is very structured and has plenty of different sections and verses to keep listeners entertained for multiple listens. Other than that, this is a very standard song and is one of the most generic on the album. However, there is plenty more to choose from on this album if you are looking to explore this bands unique sound.

          Nanovirus was the first single that Exotype released once they signed on with Rise Records. Back when I first heard it, it reeled me in with an eerie electronic opening that goes straight into some nice mid range screams and heavy guitar tones. The digital effects on this track are almost perfectly mixed. They take center stage at center points and at others, the electronic effects are perfectly placed in the pocket and mix very well with the rest of the instruments. / is one of my personal favorites on the album for a few reasons. The variation of verses is excellent while maintaining a melodic motif that brings everything back together. This songs also contains a kick-ass breakdown around the 2 minute mark that once again blends the electronics with metal to give us one of the heaviest sections on the album.

          The last song that I want to mention is For Those Afraid To Speak. This is one hell of a track. Guttural screams make for an intense vocal track, however this is one of the tracks that best show off Steven's cleans as well. One detail that must be mentioned with this band is their transitions... when they go from a metal section to a chorus with electronics, they actually make it flow. Many bands have been criticized for suddenly switching gears mid-song, but Exotype made sure to include fills and small sections that help ease you into a different sounding part of the song. And while it is a much different feel, it never loses the essence of the song, and all of the tracks sounds very coherent. This track features excellent transitions between the metal sections and a chorus with a gorgeous chord progression.

          If you're looking for a band who has completely re-invented the metalcore genre, then look elsewhere. However, if you'd like to scratch that metalcore itch, Exotype should definitely be a band that you look into. I'm not saying that these guys fall into the mix of generic metalcore bands, I'm just saying that they don't reinvent the wheel. I am quite a fan of this first outing from Exotype and would like to see if they can take their sounds to the next level and try to create an even more unique sound on their sophomore album.

Exotype [Self-titled] = 3.5/5

Check out Nanovirus and the full album stream!