Friday, September 25, 2015

Modern Day Babylon - The Ocean Atlas [EP Review]

The Ocean Atlas is a tremendous EP that stands out from the crowd. From the 3 piece titled Modern Day Babylon, it is an EP filled with musicality and pleasant surprises that make it feel exceptionally fresh and polished in a quite overcrowded scene nowadays. Even sometimes blending in electronics, Modern Day Babylon has quite the little treasure on their hands and I'm here to help it get the recognition that it deserves.

The EP is a total of 6 songs (including a remix of the first track) all with their own pros and cons. Overall however, this is definitely going to contain more pros than cons as these guys have some beautifully written songs that can convey emotions exceptionally through their writing. And... that's without any lyrics. Also the fact that they are a 3 piece is quite impressive as some songs contain sections that sound like they were pieced together by much larger ensembles. Also, while this is metal, the band manages to write in keys that are very uplifting and airy with lots of melodic possibilities that they definitely emphasize on.

Track Rundown:


The first track of the EP is definitely one of it's best. Wings is an onslaught of melodic beauty from beginning to end. It features a simple and catchy electronic intro that leads right into a gorgeous riff to start off the EP. Rhythmic complexity is aplenty throughout this track and there are plenty of sections changes and bridges which keep the song driving forward and prevent it from becoming stale. I also have to say that these guys have some sexy tones across the board. Guitar and bass sounds great throughout all ranges and the drums cut through when they need to without being overbearing. This is definitely one of my top tracks from the EP and it provides a great example of what listeners can expect throughout the rest of the songs. = A-

Water Drops

Holy shit do I love this song. From the opening chords I knew this was gonna be a great one. Yet another masterfully crafted riff that is paired with a groovy bass line and a solid beat on the kit. This song actually progresses a great deal from beginning to end and it does so with plenty of style. Some sections feature more ambiance and backing electronics, we are greeted with a gorgeous guitar solo about halfway through, and the last third of the song drives forward while still managing to introduce new sonic ideas and melodic lines. The very end even shows us the down-tuned-heavy-hitting side of Modern Day Babylon with a kickass breakdown accompanied by some mesmerizing floating guitar lines. = A+

Through The Worlds

As the last track on the EP, I was hoping this would make a solid finisher that I would remember even after I had hit the pause button. I was right. This song builds on a very strong melodic motif all the way to the finish and it demonstrates (again) a great piece of progressive metal which transforms over the course of 5 minutes. Right from the opening drum fill I could tell that this song was going to hit just a little bit harder and it does so in all the right places. We are greeted with lines of arpeggios as well as some syncopated cymbal and kick work that all mix great to transition into new sections and make the song feel like a journey through multiple sonic styles. However, there is the constant theme provided by the melodic motif which makes the song feel very coherent and polished. = B+

The Verdict

I will end by saying that this EP is beautiful. Instrumental groove metal accompanied by gorgeous melodic lines and equally pleasing guitar solos, bass lines, and beats on the kit. Sounds pretty damn great to me. However, there's so much more to this release and I have to recommend that you check it out for yourself!
The Ocean Atlas = 9/10

Check out the EP stream below!

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