Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hesitation Marks - Nine Inch Nails

          Nine Inch Nails has always been a very unique type of musical project. Seeing as how the only constant member is Trent Reznor, it can almost be said that NIN is a one man band until they are performing live. However, the latest entry in the now 9 album discography is some great musicianship on Reznor's part. While NIN doesn't have a definitive sound,  they sure are unique and mix together the best of all their creations into one mixing pot which becomes an album. This album blends dark electronic riffs with distorted guitars and Trent's voice to create some very memorable listening moments. 

          Come Back Haunted is one track off the album that has been garnishing universal praise. With a poppy synth whizzing around and some darker electronics lying underneath, it is a great piece filled with musical ideas that only Reznor could produce. Late in this track there is a distorted guitar solo that truly sticks out and blends perfectly with some of the darker harsher electronics on the song. However, this song is probably his best outing on the album, so it's not necessarily downhill from hear while listening, but it doesn't get much better. Everything is another track that stood out and really mixes it up with the rest of the album sounding a little darker and more electronically based. This song sound like a classic rock anthem but then it adds in the raw effects and electronics of NIN before returning to a more conservative temporary rock track complete with some very nice vocal harmonies. Personally, I like the way the album kicks off. We are given an eerie intro track that leads into Copy of a which is my favorite track off the album. It features a kick ass synth line that blends excellently with the digital back beat to create a very nice rhythmic context. Trent also uses some vocal effects such as echoes and plenty of reverb to make his sound fit the open ambient feel of the track. As it progresses we are presented some nice synth pads and backgrounds that really bring this piece together and make it one that I think anyone will enjoy. 

          I'm not by any means calling Hesitation Marks a bad album. By standards today it is an amazing entry into NIN's already fantastic discography, but I feel like there is just a little missing that could have made this a modern masterpiece. However, there are 17 tracks in the deluxe edition (14 in the standard) which gives the listener plenty to enjoy, and trust me you will enjoy it. I just feel as if Reznor could have given us a little more and taken a few more risks to make this album his best yet. 

Hesitation Marks = 3.5/5

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